Everlasting Kiss Autumn & Halloween Store Now Open!

For those of you who know me, you know I absolutely adore Autumn – the beautiful clear days, the gorgeous colors of the changing leaves, the smell of fireplaces burning, the taste of apple cider, and cool nights perfect for cuddling up in your favorite sweatshirt with your favorite someone.  Plus in my opinion, Halloween is absolutely the best, most fun holiday!  So I think you’ll all understand why I’m so excited to announce that I just finished our Autumn & Halloween store and it’s open and ready for business!  We have everything you need to decorate your homes and businesses for Fall and Halloween – pumpkins, scarecrows, hay bales, cornstalks, luminaries, centerpieces, flags, lights, yard decorations, trees and more.  There are lots of things available for sale for 20L and many at only 10L! Plus we will be adding more frequently, since I can’t seem to stop making Halloween things!

We also just put out a free gift at the new store – a cute little copyable Halloween banner in black and orange. It’s perfect for decorating your store or home and adding a little bit of Halloween spirit. Plus at only one prim, you can add a few of them without killing your prim counts.

Stop by soon and pick up your free gift, and take a look around the new store.  Hope to see you soon!



The Disco Hunt – September 15 through October 15

Hi everyone!  Everlasting Kiss Furniture is participating in a really fun new hunt -The Disco Hunt, running from September 15 through October 15:

The Disco Hunt

I’ve created a special gift for the Hunt – our Groovy Green Sphere Chair – perfect for relaxing in after shaking your groove thing all night!  The chair includes male and female single sit animations, plus couples cuddles.  And it’s copyable too!  Join the hunt and pick up this gift at Everlasting Kiss:

Everlasting Kiss Disco Hunt Item - Groovy Green Sphere Chair

For more information on the hunt, visit the Disco Hunt blog at:  http://w-t-n.blogspot.com/

Visit Everlasting Kiss Furniture & Accessories at:


Free Gift at Everlasting Kiss Furniture & Accessories

Hi everyone!  I just put out a new free gift for visitors to our store – an Autumn Tealight Trio Set:

Free Gift - Autumn Tealight Trio Set

This set includes three cute candles, done up in Halloween/Fall colors and only one prim each!  Plus they’re copyable too!

There are other free gifts out as well – stackable, texture changing boxes, plus our group gift for Everlasting Kiss Group members only – our patriotic Adirondack Chair.  Make sure you grab this asap because we’ll be putting out our new gift soon!  Stop by today, take a look around and pick up your freebies –


P.S. Our Autumn/Halloween store will be opening soon – stay tuned for more details!