Free Gift at Everlasting Kiss Furniture & Accessories

Hi everyone!  I just put out a new free gift for visitors to our store – an Autumn Tealight Trio Set:

Free Gift - Autumn Tealight Trio Set

This set includes three cute candles, done up in Halloween/Fall colors and only one prim each!  Plus they’re copyable too!

There are other free gifts out as well – stackable, texture changing boxes, plus our group gift for Everlasting Kiss Group members only – our patriotic Adirondack Chair.  Make sure you grab this asap because we’ll be putting out our new gift soon!  Stop by today, take a look around and pick up your freebies –

P.S. Our Autumn/Halloween store will be opening soon – stay tuned for more details!



Everlasting Kiss Furniture – Summertime Couch Set Now 50% Off!

Hello everyone and happy weekend!  To help celebrate the holiday weekend here in the U.S. we decided to offer our Summertime Couch Set for 50% off all weekend long!

Everlasting Kiss Furniture Summertime Couch Set

Right now, you can pick this set up for only $99L!  It includes (2) animated sofas with both male and female sitting animations, as well as couples cuddles, the coffee table and the rug.  It’s on sale this weekend only, so make sure you pick it up before Tuesday, when it goes back to the regular price of $199L.

We still have our animated Adirondack Chair available as a gift for our group members only.  We’ll have this out for a few more days before we change gifts.  The chair is done up in red, white & blue in honor of Labor Day weekend here in the U.S., plus it’s copyable!  So come on over, join our group and pick up your free chair!

Hope to see you at Everlasting Kiss this weekend.  Have a fun and safe holiday weekend everyone!

Everlasting Kiss Featured in Blogs & SL Newser

Hello everyone!  Just wanted to share some good news with you all today.  Everlasting Kiss was featured in an article in one of SL’s newspapers – Second Life Newser.  There was a really nice article written by Bixyl Shuftan about the store and the sim.  You can read it here:

Make sure you check back with Second Life Newser every day to find out about all the news and happenings on the grid.  A special thank you to Bixyl for the lovely article!

I also wanted to give a shout out to a few fellow bloggers who have mentioned Everlasting Kiss in the last few days on their blogs.  We really appreciate all the great things you’ve had to say about our store and furniture! Please check out these wonderful blogs for the latest in fashion, sales and events all around the grid!

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New Group Gift is Available Now!

I put the new group gift out a day early – yay! Come on over to Everlasting Kiss Furniture’s Main location, join our group and get your FREE Copyable Adirondack Chair, all done up in red, white and blue, in honor of the upcoming Labor Day Holiday in the U.S.  This gift is for group members only, so make sure you’re wearing your tag.

Everlasting Kiss Group Gift Number 2 - Adirondack Chair Patriotic Version

Bring your friends to Everlasting Kiss and have them join the group, too – as soon as we get to 50 members, I’ll give out another gift for all our group members, so tp your friends in!

New Group Member Gift – Animated Adirondack Chair, Patriotic Version

I just finished the next Group Gift, and I’m really excited to share it with all of you – our Patriotic Adirondack Chair, in honor of the upcoming Labor Day holiday here in the US:

Everlasting Kiss Group Gift - Patriotic Adirondak Chair

This is a special edition of our regular Adirondack Chairs, which we currently sell in a variety of other colors.  But, for Group Members only, you can receive this special chair, all done up in red, white & blue, for FREE!  Plus, as an added bonus, I’ve decided to make the chair copyable, so you can rez as many copies as you like.  The chair is only 3 prims, and it contains 4 animated lounging poses for both men and women.  It’s perfect for your deck, patio, beach or backyard – to stretch out and enjoy all that beautiful SL sunshine!

This special version of our chair will not be sold in the store, so if you want it and you’re not already a group member, teleport to the store and click one of our group joiner signs.  Then, pick up your free chair right out front by our steps (make sure you’re wearing your tag).  Tell your friends too!  We are going to be giving away amazing group gifts at least once a month, if not more, so join our group today.

This new gift will be available starting Monday, 8/22, so you still have a few days to stop by and grab the first group gift that’s out, our cute little copyable sculpted flower in a flower pot.  Hope to see you at Everlasting Kiss this weekend – and I’m hoping that you’ll be “Addicted to Kissing” too!

Are you “Addicted to Kissing”?

Have you joined the Everlasting Kiss Customers & Friends Group yet?  If your answer is no – why not?  Did you know that group member will receive a very special FREE group gift at least once a month (if not more)?  Plus, group members also get special discounts and advance notice of sales and special events. There’s no reason not to join, especially now that we all have some extra room for more groups.  Plus you get a really cute group tag – “Addicted to Kissing”!  So stop by and join today!

For only a few more days the very first group gift I made is still available, an adorable little sculpted flower in a flower pot, perfect to complement any decor.  It’s modifiable and copyable too, so hurry and grab it right away before it’s put into the vault (or lost in my inventory lol).  And make sure you stop back soon – we are going to have an INCREDIBLE group gift available only for group members coming up in the next few days that you absolutely do not want to miss.  Plus, our Backyard Party Set is still on sale for 50% off  until Saturday, 8/20:

Everlasting Kiss Backyard Party Set - 50% Off!

You don’t want to miss these gifts and specials, so stop by right away!

Everlasting Kiss – Open for Business!

It’s hard to believe, but we are finally open for business!  YAY!  I really thought this day would never come, but finally, thankfully, here we are, and I am so excited and proud to share my new store with all of you.

In honor of our Grand Opening, we have a Grand Opening Special – we are offering the Tahitian Paradise Lounger Set for HALF OFF!  That includes both a single and double lounger (both animated with male & female sits/lounges), a table with tablecloth, centerpiece and rug, all for only $87L!  This special is good for this week only, so make sure you stop by as soon as possible to grab this great deal.

Grand Opening Special - Tahitian Paradise Lounger Set, HALF OFF

We also have some in-store freebies, plus a really awesome gift for group members only – so make sure to join the Everlasting Kiss Customers & Friends group at the front desk (plus, you get a really cute tag too – “Addicted to Kissing” lol  Cute, right?).  Once you’ve joined, grab the gift by the sign right out front.  And make sure you stop by often. This group gift is just one of several in a set….

Get some friends together and stop by Everlasting Kiss today. We really hope to see you soon!  Here’s the SLurl:

Opening August 1st!

I can hardly believe it, but we are finally set to open on August 1st!  It has been such a long and emotional journey reaching this point, but we have finally made it!

The sim is finished for now, and looks wonderful.  Everlasting Kiss is right next door to my photo studio, Graphics by Eve (of course!).  We also have a new neighbor, my good friend Cozy and her business C&C Properties.  If you’re looking for a new skybox in SL, she’s the person to see.  She has beautiful and affordable places for rent, available immediately.  You can reach her office by following the pathways or by using the teleporter directory at the landing point.

While you are wandering around the island, make sure you visit our Greenhouse and Garden Center.  I don’t know about you guys, but in RL, I do NOT have a green thumb.  I pretty much kill any plants and flowers I touch.  Which is so sad, because I absolutely love them – I have always wanted to have an old greenhouse and potting shed, with beautiful flowers and vintage pots and gardening tools.  A place where I could wear a silly old hat and get my hands dirty while working with the soil.  Since I kill all the innocent little plants and flowers in RL, I have created that spot in SL.  There’s a big greenhouse where you can buy all sorts of flowers, plants, vegetables and herbs, as well as all the accoutrements like gardening tools, seed sacks, seedling trays and pots.  There are even gardening gift sets available.  I also have a small greenhouse and gardening bench available for sale so you can create your own little garden.  I will be adding new things to the Greenhouse and Garden Center all the time, so make sure you check back often.

The store itself has ended up being two floors, plus the roof  (I really carried away!).  The main floor has most of the furniture, the shabby chic and beach designs.  The second floor features all our accessories and artwork.  I ended up really focusing more on the accessories than I had planned.  After all the time I’ve spent in SL shopping and decorating my own various homes, I realized it’s the accessories that really make your house feel like a home.  Because of that, I decided to design many different towels, linens and blankets, all with beautiful rich colors and textures (many of these are have texture changing options as well, so there’s sure to be something to match your decor).  We also have candles, baskets, artwork, frames and mirrors, plus a whole lot more.  If there’s something you’d like that you don’t see, please don’t hesitate to ask.  I’ll do my best to accommodate custom order requests.  I can’t promise I can make everything, but I’ll always give it my best shot.  I think these little, low prim touches reall add warmth and character to a room and all our accessories are really affordable, so you can stock up.

Finally, take the teleporter up to the roof.  It has the rest of our outdoor and patio furniture, including lounge chairs, animated beach towels, party lights, Adirondack chairs, beach umbrellas and more.  Make sure not to miss this section.

We will be offering  Grand Opening specials, plus free gifts, so we really hope to see you at Everlasting Kiss on Monday, August 1st.  I will post the SLurl as soon as the sim is open for business so check back on Monday!

P.S.  I just wanted to send a special shout out to Ramses and say thank you for all your help and support.  Thank you for jumping in to help me the way you did.  If it weren’t for you, I don’t know where I’d be today, and I certainly wouldn’t be opening this store on Monday!  I will never be able to thank you enough for your never ending support, encouragement, assistance, friendship and love.

Some more pics of our new furniture:

Blogger's Easy Chair Set

By the Sea Beach Bistro Set

Daisy Platform Bed Set

Small setbacks, but still moving forward…

So, after months and months of blood, sweat and tears, Everlasting Kiss is set to open in the next few weeks.  While I’m sad to announce that EK is now a solo venture for me, I am still excited about all the things I have created, and I hope  you will be too.  I won’t be offering any prefab buildings at this time.  I’ve decided to focus on just furniture and accessories.  I’ve also just added a new greenhouse and garden center to the sim, with all sorts of flowers and plants to help beautify your SLife.  Stay tuned for some sneak peeks of some pics and details on my Grand Opening!